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ELFBEADS - The Netherlands

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Elfbeads was created by Paul Krans in 2013.  His vision was to create a brand with different designes in both glass and silver beads.  During that summer, he met Suzanne Slotboom, a fanatic Lampwork Artist with her own glass design studio.  Together they started working to create new glass beads while Paul was taking a short Goldsmith course during the summer to design his own silver beads. By the end of 2013, almost 100 beads were created and they felt ready to show their work to the market.  From the very first moment Paul posted pictures of the Elfbeads collection online, the brand attracted a lot of attention.Out of the chaos arises ...

Elfbeads : Enchanting, Legendary, Fabulous 



OHM - United States of America

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OHM is a diverse team of designers and dreamers, poets and programmers, who live, work and play in the Great American Northwest in Seattle, WA - home to coffee freaks and computer geeks, healers and greens, orcas and tulips, farmers markets and slow food.  Nestled in their raincoats, this vitamin D deprived crew creates quirky, provocative and whimsical beads for bracelets, chains, necklaces and other accessories.  

OHM means "to sound out loudly".  Every OHM beads design goes through a rigorous screening process before it is allowed to be carved into a wax mould and ultimately cast in silver.  Every keepsake is made with high-quality products, because we believe that jewellery is meant to be passed down from generations to generations - hence the name : OHM Beads.  Every keepsake contains all the universe has to offer, which makes it a lifelong memento that is sure to be cherished.





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redbalifrog originated by chance during Amanda's visit to Bali in 2007.  After searching high and low for some silver beads to adorn her bracelet, she was fortunate enough to meet Yande.  He was working in a jewellery shop in Ubud, where she noticed him carving wax jewellery moulds.  After showing him a few sketches of her beads ideas, he began crafting prototypes, resulting in exquisite miniature pieces of art.  From here, their friendship grew and they realised they made a great team, redbalifrog was born.

"Life is what we make of it, in all its glory"